Advanced Hearing Care

of Permian Basin Rehab Center

At Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center, we believe everyone deserves better hearing. We are a patient-centered, non-profit facility, and our philosophy is to help every patient hear better regardless of their financial situation. We’re not interested in monetary gain—instead our focus is on helping you hear better.

Permian Basin Rehabilitation Center specializes in audiology, physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. With so many specialties in one building, we are able to provide convenient and easy care to our patients in one location. We’re here for the community and are supported by the community. We want to be there for you in all aspects of our rehab facility.

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Update: COVID-19 Health Advisory

As more information about the coronavirus has become available, we believe it is important to inform our patients on best practices to keep yourselves and your family members safe.

Please refer to this fact sheet from the CDC that outlines what you need to know about the coronavirus.

Please be aware that our office is taking precautions to prevent against this disease. If you or someone you have been in contact with is at risk or has shown any symptoms of the coronavirus, we ask that you please contact us to reschedule your appointment.

Why We Are Different

We’re not just an audiology clinic in Odessa Texas. Because we are a rehabilitation center, we offer a more extensive list of services to help you experience the best health and life possible. Our patients choose to keep coming back to us because:

  • We are a non-profit center. We aren’t concerned with making a profit—our focus is on your needs. We want to help you hear and communicate better regardless of your financial situation.
  • We are a fully operational rehab center. We’re more than just an audiology office. Because we are a rehab center, we can help you with any type of health concern relating to physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy.
  • We provide personalized care. Dr. Lourdez Zamora-Fierro has been with us for 20 years. Patients always come back and say to her, “I’m so glad you’re still here!” With a single audiologist, we are able to provide you with personalized care and continue to grow with you over the years.
  • We see patients of all ages. Hearing loss isn’t always the result of aging. Anyone can experience hearing loss. That’s why we do audiological testing for newborns all the way to the geriatric population.
  • We are patient-focused. It is extremely gratifying helping those with hearing loss finally experience the sounds of the people and things they love. We’ll never tell you that we can’t help. We are committed to finding a solution for you and can work to find funding sources if needed.
Odessa hearing test

Your First Audiology Appointment

We recommend bringing a spouse or a loved one to your first appointment so they can help with answering questions or communication if needed.

  1. Dr. Lourdez Zamora-Fierro will introduce herself and take you to the testing room. She will take time to talk with you to better understand your hearing concerns and give you the opportunity to ask questions.
  2. We will perform the audiological test and then go over your results and make any recommendations for hearing aids. We also carry a pair of demo hearing aids in the office you can try on to see how hearing aids work and feel before making a decision.
  3. If you decide to move forward with hearing aids, we will place the order and schedule a follow up appointment for when they arrive. If you aren’t ready for hearing aids yet we won’t pressure you into buying anything.
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